Keep your Pets Safe with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has long been a great way to to give families an extra level of security against break-ins, but the safety of our pets tends to be overlooked.

The past few years have brought a sharp rise in Coyote sightings and encounters in suburban areas of Connecticut and New York. For pet owners, this can be a source of great concern.  Luckily, pet owners can fight back against these predators.

Light and noise are two well known coyote deterrents. According to an article in Scientific American, “A study published in January 2009 in Applied Animal Behavior Science suggests that light may be more effective than noise in deterring coyotes…”

Installing outdoor lighting on your property can cut down on the likelihood that your pet will encounter coyotes or any other light-phobic predators that may live in your area. This is especially true for properties where fencing is either cost prohibitive, or unwanted for asthetic reasons.

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