Landscape Lighting is Our Passion

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At Possidento Lightscapes, Landscape Lighting is our passion. We have been lucky enough to spend the last 17 years pursuing that passion: designing and installing outdoor lighting schemes that add beauty, ambience, and security to homes and properties across Connecticut and … Continue reading

Advantages of LED Lighting

Since we always recommend having LED or Low-Voltage  landscape lighting installed by a professional (preferably Possidento Lightscapes 860-883-2521), we found a great article on LED lighting  advantages written by the professionals at FxLuminaire.

This time, we’re leaving the writing to the professionals!

Advantages of LED Lighting

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Benefits of Landscape Lighting

The fine people at FXLuminaire have put together a very informative article on benefits of Landscape Lighting.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting 

The benefits of having Outdoor Lighting installed by Possidento Lightscapes in particular are:

  • Expert lighting design
  • 10 years of experience in landscape lighting design and installation
  • Exclusive focus on landscape lighting. We are not an electrical contractor that also offers outdoor lighting on the side, nor are we a landscaping company that also offers lighting. We specialize outdoor lighting.
  • Industry leading design, installation and service, as well as customer service.
  • Free one year service plan with every installation
  • Lifetime guarantee on all fixtures



Keep your Pets Safe with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has long been a great way to to give families an extra level of security against break-ins, but the safety of our pets tends to be overlooked.

The past few years have brought a sharp rise in Coyote sightings and encounters in suburban areas of Connecticut and New York. For pet owners, this can be a source of great concern.  Luckily, pet owners can fight back against these predators.

Light and noise are two well known coyote deterrents. According to an article in Scientific American, “A study published in January 2009 in Applied Animal Behavior Science suggests that light may be more effective than noise in deterring coyotes…”

Installing outdoor lighting on your property can cut down on the likelihood that your pet will encounter coyotes or any other light-phobic predators that may live in your area. This is especially true for properties where fencing is either cost prohibitive, or unwanted for asthetic reasons.

Call Possidento Lightscapes today at 860-883-2521 to take the first step in keeping your pet safe with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting article in Hartford Magazine

We were excited to see an excellent article on Outdoor Lighting recently in Hartford Magazine. They did a great job in highlighting the various ways people use outdoor lighting as well as explaining current lighting trends.  This is the perfect primer for those who are new to outdoor lighting.  Check it out:

Outdoor Lighting by Valerie Finholm